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Analysing Legal Implications and Agent Information Systems (ALIAS)

The ALIAS project analyses legal and technical implications of software agent applications. Agent characteristics -- such as: autonomy, pro-activity, reasoning, learning, co-operation, negotiation, social and physical manifestation -- are characteristics taken from humans. Notions such as anonimity and privacy will be redefined in the 'digital world'. In this project the research areas of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Law are combined to analyse legal possibilities and limitations of agent technology. The aim of this project is to provide guidelines for both AI-researchers and Legal-researchers.


  • The 'Law of Electronic Agents' website has been launched and can be found at: http://www.lea-online.net.
  • Papers and presentations of the LEA workshops are available at this site.
  • The ALIAS Cookbook is available online as Technical Report IR-CS-004 (July 15th, 2003).
    Brazier, F.M.T., Oskamp, A., Prins, J.E.J., Schellekens, M.H.M., Schreuders, E., Wijngaards, N.J.E., Apistola, M., Voulon, M.B. and Kubbe, O. (2003) ALIAS: Analysing Legal Implications and Agent Information Systems Technical Report No. IR-CS-004, Faculty of Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Participating Research Groups

The Centre for Law, Public Administration and Informatization, University of Tilburg

Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Computer Law Institute, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


The NLnet Foundation funds the research of this project.

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